SottoPelle Wellness in Oceanside
is now Renew Medical Group!

Welcome to Renew Medical - the premier medical group in San Diego dedicated to helping patients become as good as they can be. We strive to overcome the effects of time to improve body, mind and overall conditioning. We focus on four key areas to enhance your appreciation for life, youthfulness and vitality.

  • Elimination Control (improvements in
      urological function)
  • Sexual Joy and Intimacy
  • Youthful Restoration and Beauty
  • Hormone Replenishment 

We've got the effects of aging covered.
We're the experts in renewing your life.

Our patients are overjoyed when they have full control of their bodily functions once again. They discover a new sense of self and excitement when they experience the intimacy that was missing in their lives. Through our new scientific techniques, our clients can restore their youthful skin and beauty.
And last, but not least, our natural hormones deliver vibrancy and energy that was never thought possible.*

For those who have been told their discomfort is "just part of getting older" SottoPelle often provides a miraculous turnaround. When proper hormone balance is restored, it has a positive effect on nearly every body system: from the mind, to the muscles to the heart to the hair. It's an excellent way to treat symptoms of Andropause in men and Menopause in women.*

      Men and Andropause                SottoPelle For Couples               Women and Menopause


See What Clients Have to Say About Us

"We have already referred you to three other couples. Thank You. Thank You, Thank You." – Andrea & Stanley R., San Diego, CA*

"I feel so great and highly recommend these treatments.... but I want to keep it a semi-secret" – Danielle G., Costa Mesa CA*

"I actually felt refreshed and started back at the gym. I have now been working with a personal trainer for 3 months and have lost 23 pounds. I feel so much better and I'm actually thinking of going online to meet a new friend. Thank you so much.
Peter M. Rancho Santa Fe, CA*

*Typical Results May Vary