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Our women clients come to us when they want more than a facelift. They tell us what they really want is a firm resilient complexion with a bright youthful glow. They know that a typical facelift will do the job to remove excess skin but will do nothing to improve their skin’s tone, elasticity, and texture.

When you age, your face loses its color because of reduced blood flow. Your facial muscles loosen up and collagen production decreases which cause the face to lose shape and the skin to sag. Thanks to a breakthrough procedure, known as the Vampire FaceLift, your skin can be rejuvenated to its original beauty and healthy glow.*

 Results Beyond the Traditional Facelift*

The steps are simple and there is no need for hospitalization and surgery. First, natural fillers are introduced to lift the skin away from the bone and bring the original beauty and shape of your face. Then, a small amount of your blood is taken, which contains natural growth factors. When the growth factors are introduced to the facial tissue, multi-potent stem cells become activated to grow completely new skin. With new skin tissue comes new collagen, new fatty tissue (for smoothness), and blood pumping vessels for color.

It might sound scary, but the Vampire FaceLift is far less frightening than having major surgery. When you are looking for a younger, rejuvenated complexion, with beautiful natural tone and color, this is a great choice.* Schedule an appointment or consultation with us today!

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