The O-Shot–Female Sexual Rejuvenation

Enjoy a Renewed Sex Life 50 And Beyond*

We believe that women, no matter what their age, should continue to experience the joy and fulfillment from sexual intimacy. Some of our patients come to us in search of finding the answers to many of their most intimate concerns. 

Many of our patients have lost desire, arousal, orgasm capability, or experience pain. Most of all, they express their desire to have more happiness, energy, creativity, and improved health. We know from experience that all these feelings go hand in hand with positive sexual experiences.

There is no reason for any woman to give up on her ability to enjoy a healthy and active sex life. Thanks to the breakthrough discovery, known as “platelet-rich plasma”, the delicate reproductive tissue that is causing the symptoms can be immediately repaired. Once the tissue is repaired, activity will become normal again and the original problems will be eliminated.*

Everyone's Talking About the O-Shot

The O-Shot is nothing short of a miracle discovery! We create the O-Shot by drawing a small amount of your blood, which is quickly centrifuged. This material becomes a highly concentrated group of platelets that contain growth factors. These are then injected into the vaginal tissue where they instantly activate your stem cells so they can begin the repair and rejuvenation process.

Women who come to our office for treatment cannot believe how their lives become exciting again. They tell us that their desire is stronger, they experience arousal and orgasm, they have a more youthful vaginal tissue, and there is no more pain.*

The best part is that the entire procedure takes place in our office and you are finished in just ten minutes. Become renewed and start re-living the sexually intimate life you never thought possible—schedule an appointment today!*


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*Typical Results May Vary

The O-Shot Video

The O–Shot Official Video From Charles Runels, MD, O-Shot Inventor