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All Natural Hormone Replacement With SottoPelle

Our Renew Medical clients, both men and women, prefer natural ways to improve their health and normal hormone balance. When their testosterone and estrogen hormone levels drop and it comes time to replace them, SottoPelle is a great choice.*

SottoPelle is a natural hormone which has the same molecular structure as hormones made by the human body. It is entirely plant-based and provides the same benefits as natural estrogen and testosterone.

What Happens When Hormone Levels Drop

When we age, our body produces less and less of the optimal hormone levels we had in our youth. This affects our well being, just at the time we are beginning to enjoy a new phase of life. We hear from both men and women who experience hot flashes, memory loss, sexual problems, depression and fatigue. Our patients want these effects to be eliminated. They are excited about the vibrancy and energy that natural hormones deliver.*

We love to hear the responses from our clients who try SottoPelle. They tell us they feel twenty years younger—in addition to better moods, stronger bones, increased libido, and mental clarity. Our patients love the fact that the therapy lasts much longer than synthetic pharmaceuticals. Most importantly research indicates, natural hormone replacement therapy may prevents future health problems such as osteoporosis, heart, and cardiovascular disease.

Welcome all men and women who want their vitality back! We invite you to schedule an appointment today!

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