Kathryn C.
Marietta, GA

"My urinary leaking has become a real problem in recent months. I am 68 years old and love to be active and working. I was considering wearing Depends, but I just couldn’t get comfortable with it…looking in the mirror is hard enough. Then I heard about the U shot and scheduled an appointment when I was going to be in San Diego. Mary Marquis is just terrific and I felt comfortable and went ahead with the procedure. The idea of an injection in my vagina was awful and I was braced for the pain. Well, she was finished before I knew it and I never felt anything. It is now 5 months since the injection and I am cured! No more leaking…I can’t believe it…it’s true. I’m so grateful." *

Danielle G.
Costa Mesa, CA

"I couldn’t tell you what was different when I saw my girlfriend for lunch, but she looked younger and healthier. When I asked her what she had done to make such a change, she told me that she had the Vampire Facelift at SottoPelle Wellness where she gets her bio-identical hormone pellets. So, I called and scheduled a consultation for both the hormones and the facelift. Marilynn was so helpful as she arranged for my blood work before my visit. Once I came, Mary Marquis who went through my blood work and told me that I was in need of hormones (testosterone, estradiol, progesterone) so that I could get relief from the hot flashes and loss of interest in sex. So, I had the SottoPelle pellets that day and the O shot. After about a week, I suggested to my husband that we take a weekend getaway. WOW, we were like on our honeymoon. Three weeks later, I went back for the Vampire Facelift. Mary Marquis injected areas of my face with Botox, filled in areas with Juvederm and treated the skin with Platelet Rich Plasma. My face was a little red overnight, but nothing like the microderm abrasion I had in the past. I feel so great and highly recommend these treatments…but I want to keep it a semi-secret." *

Peter M.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA






Andrea/Sandy R.
San Diego, CA













San Diego, CA

"I am 72 years young and can’t remember when I really felt good. For the past few years I haven’t slept very well, am chronically fatigued and moody. I stopped going to work out because I feel worse afterword and need a day to recuperate. And to top it off, my interest in sex was non-existent. I accepted all this because I thought it was normal and my doctor told me that I was getting old. He said my blood work was normal and I was fine. He prescribed Wellbutrin (antidepressant), Viagra (for ED), Lipitor (for cholesterol) to add to my blood pressure meds and Tylenol that I took daily. I went to my 50th college reunion and saw my old roommate who is my age. He looked younger than most of us, was driving a Porsche and was very energetic. In fact, he just started a new company. I asked him where he found the energy and he told me that he had been getting SottoPelle Testosterone Pellets for the past 8 years. He recommended SottoPelle in Oceanside. After getting my blood work, I went to their office and had a consultation with Mary Marquis, a nurse practitioner. She was wonderful with a great sense of humor. She suggested an initial dosage which I went along with. She told me to get another blood test in about 60 days to see how the dosage was working. The procedure was not painful, but I was sore for a couple of days. It took about two weeks before I began to notice that I was sleeping better, only getting up once during the night instead of three or four times. I actually felt refreshed and started back at the gym. I have now been working with a personal trainer for 3 months and have lost 23 pounds. I feel so much better and I’m actually thinking of going on line to meet a new friend." *


"My husband and I are in our late 50’s and are still very active and working. Over the past year, I noticed that my husband had lost his interest in intimacy and had less enthusiasm to socialize with friends. I have been taking SottoPelle Hormone therapy for years and enjoy a very active life and healthy interest in the bedroom. I have been after Stanley to get testosterone pellets that I knew about from talking with other women and some men that I met at the SottoPelle office. He had a blood test about 6 months ago when he had his physical. He called his doctor who told him that his testosterone was in the normal range and not to be concerned. When I went to get my hormones, I asked Mary Marquis about that and she explained that the normal range was so wide that nearly everyone could fit into the range and his doctor probably told him that he is normal for a man of his age. She went on to explain that she tries to restore the testosterone to optimal levels of a man in his forties and it wasn’t dangerous. Finally….after months, he agreed to take a blood test and sure enough, he was on the low end of normal. So, being the love of my life, Stanley and I went to see Mary and he got his pellets. It’s now 4 months later and for the past 3 months, we have taken a vacation and having a great time. He will be back for his refill in two months. We have already referred you three other couples." *


I love the pellets!  I had the pellets inserted in June and have already had the second insertion. They are amazing - I feel great, have tons of energy, great libido, have lost weight, and look great. I have had no side effects. I am recommending them to everyone I know! I was taking hormone pills before the insertion and the pellets are a vast improvement.
This is the best thing I ever did!


*Typical Results May Vary