The U-Shot – Stop Urinary Incontinence

Women Are Discovering a New World of Freedom

We hear overwhelming responses from our female patients who have been experiencing involuntary bladder activity and incontinence. At long last, a simple breakthrough is helping them achieve the ability to control bladder release and gain their active youthful lifestyle. It’s all because of a new, widely practiced, non-surgical medical procedure.*

When we age, our collagen decreases and our tissues degenerate, becoming less supple and strong. These aging factors often cause the inability to have a healthy, normal, and controlled urination as we had most of our lives! Many of us feel like our freedom has been taken away due to:

  • Frequent interruptions - trips to the restroom
  • Expensive absorbent products
  • Discomfort and fear

The Remedy is Something Our Bodies Already Produce

The key to producing new healthy cells and tissue is the U-Shot. The most exciting part is, the main ingredient is found in your very own bloodstream!

We create the U-Shot by drawing a small amount of blood, which is then quickly centrifuged. This becomes a highly concentrated group of platelets that contain growth factors. These are injected into the damaged tissue, near the urethra, and instantly activate your stem cells so they can begin the repair and rejuvenation process.

Your body will immediately produce new cells, blood vessels, collagen, and muscle. Our patients can’t believe how back to normal they can be after such a minimal procedure.*

It’s simple, convenient, and the best part is that it happens right here in our office. All it takes is one visit— we invite you to schedule a consultation today!

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*Typical Results May Vary